Coaches flocking to see Ohio TE

Since spring break has ended and Avon Lake, Ohio tight end Dan Schneider has been back around the school, various college coaches have made the trip into town to check him out.
The 6-foot-4, 230-pound tight end is now up to 12 scholarship offers, with the most recent coming from Ball State on Tuesday.
Schneider said 90-percent of the schools recruiting him like him as a tight end. Wyoming has mentioned the possibility of him playing guard or tackle, but the Cowboys haven't offered. Toledo is looking at him as a tackle, and Buffalo is recruiting Schneider as a fulllback. But the consensus, other than that, is that he will play tight end in the college ranks.
What's new with him these days?
"Coaches have started to come through when I got back to school on Monday," Schneider said on Wednesday evening. "Wisconsin has talked to me and they seemed to like me a lot when they came through. Other than that not too much has been going on to be honest.
"I was looking to get out to Indiana for a visit but they're on the road for a while. I don't think I'll be able to do that until around the end of May. I think that will be the case with most schools. I'll just wait to see everyone when they come through."
Schneider has a general plan for how and when he would like to start narrowing things down.
"I'll probably try to narrow things down after the spring evaluation," he explained. "I'll decide on where I want to visit, then make those trips at the end of May or early in the summer. Based on those I'll decide where I want to camp. Then if I feel comfortable enough hopefully I can make a decision. But if I don't feel ready then I'm not going to force it, so I don't have to back out of a decision."