Coaches flock to La Marque

When you play at La Marque, Texas, you have to be used to having college coaches at your spring practices. Even though he already has several offers on the table, defensive end Raphael Guidry admits it's still pretty cool to see those coaches on the sidelines.
And there were quite a few of them last week at La Marque.
"Man coaches were everywhere," Guidry, who is 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, said. "I saw coaches from Miami, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, UTEP, Kansas State, Central Florida and Mississippi State. Those are just the ones I can remember. I think we'll have more this week. It should be a lot of them there."
Guidry already has offers from Baylor, Iowa State and Kansas State on his resume. He said he expects more to come in this spring and with spring drills already in full swing don't expect a decision from him any time soon.
"We had a scrimmage last week, and I did all right," Guidry said. "I tried to sack the quarterback one time, but he got past me. For me it was just good to get back out there and really compete again."