Coach talks about QBs development

Tony Trisciani, the head coach at Whitehall, Pennsylvania, believes his quarterback has a shot to play Division I football.
Chris Polony, Trisciani's junior signal-caller, made a lot of progress from his sophomore to his junior seasons as reported late last month.
His coach couldn't be more impressed with how he has grasped the game and developed as a quarterback.
"I think his learning curve has been outstanding," Trisciani said. "He's a very smart kid. He's got like a 4.0 GPA and he could be (an) Ivy (League) kid if he wanted to be. He's got a very good football IQ and he doesn't make the same mistake twice. As a quarterback that's critical.
"He's really developed as a runner as well. He just sat in the pocket as a younger quarterback, and his tendency was to just throw it up there when he didn't have anything. He's gotten away from that since his sophomore year.
"He's pretty efficient. I don't worry about him making too many bad decisions. He only threw four interceptions last year."
Polony's coach said he is being recruited by many of the schools in the ACC as well as the Big East.
"No one's pulled the trigger on him but it's a matter of time. They're just waiting to see him throw in the spring and early summer camps.
"He performed well at the BC camp last year and he's got a lot of attention from them. Word's kind of gotten out about him. He's gotten some good feedback from his tapes.
"He went to Virginia about a week ago for the Virginia-Duke basketball game. He's got the Maryland junior day and some others that he'll be attending."
Trisciani said Polony will be attending the Elite 11 and a training camp held at Ohio State over the same weekend down the road.
He also plans on camping at Boston College. The rest of his schedule will depend on who he receives interest from in the spring.