Cleveland prospect rising fast

Glenville is not the only team in the Cleveland Senate Athletic League that has a major college prospect. Micah Robinson of John Adams High School is emerging as one of Northern Ohio's most sought after uncommitted prospects in the class of 2010.
The 6-foot-3 defensive end claims offers from Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Syracuse, Kansas and a handful of MAC schools. Robinson has yet to take any official visits, but he had made unofficials for a few college games this fall.
"I visited Pitt for the Notre Dame game," Robinson said. "I enjoyed it. It was packed. It felt like an NFL playoff game. I have never been to a stadium packed like that. I enjoyed it. I also got a chance to talk to the coaches and I walked into the locker room with the team."

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Robinson does not have an Ohio State offer, but did make an unofficial visit to Coumbus for the Navy game.
"I wasn't expecting the game to be that close," Robinson said. "But I enjoyed it. I was good to see how the Buckeyes do under pressure. They said they would recruit me. No offer yet, but they are recruiting me."
Robinson said he has no favorites and wants to keep his options open. Though he has offers from major programs, he has paid visits to some MAC programs like Akron and Toledo.
"I went to Akron's game last Friday against Eastern Michigan," Robinson said. "That was pretty good too. I went with a couple of my friends. I didn't stay long, cause it was cold. I just watched the first half of the game. I visited Toledo for their game against Eastern Michigan last week."
Robinson can be considered an under-the-radar type of prospect. Though John Adams has a 15-5 record over the last two seasons, they are overshadowed by Glenville's dominance. But Robinson has proven to be a force in the Senate Athletic League.
"I am mostly a pass rusher," Robinson said. "I am an all around defensive end, I can play the run too. But my best skill is pass rushing. I don't know what it is, I just love pass rushing."