Cleveland Heights QB looks good

CLEVELAND – There were plenty of talented quarterbacks at the Elite Skills Camp Tuesday afternoon at the Cleveland Browns Stadium, and one of the players that stood out was Cleveland Heights, Ohio, gun slinger Travis Kelce.
The 6-foot-5, 230-pounder definitely passed the eyeball test and he did make some good throws.
But with his athletic ability, it's not out of the question that some schools might also recruit him as an athlete or even as a tight end. They might also recruit him as a basketball player, because he's one of the area's better hoops players. In fact, he said he's already picked up his first offer in basketball from a local school.
"I have an offer from Akron to play both football and basketball," he said. "It was unexpected, I tell you that. I was at a basketball tournament and they saw me play. The basketball coaches told my AAU coach that they wanted me, they'd love to have me and they're going to offer me. And then when they offered me, they said 'you shouldn't have any problem playing football here as well.'"
Kelce admits he is torn between which sport he'd rather play at this point. He loves both and thinks he could be a success in either one.
"It's 50-50 right now," he said. "I just love both sports. I started basketball a little earlier, but I fell in love with football when I started playing it in seventh grade. I just love the competition in football and that you're running away from people trying to take your head off. I just love it."
Kelce, who passed for 670 yards and rushed for another 520 yards, said he felt like he had a good day on Tuesday and proved he does have what it takes to be a successful college player.
"I was really excited to come out here and see where I was against the other top kids in the state and around here," he said. "It was real exciting. I came out here and showed my stuff. I showed them that I'm a pretty good quarterback."
Other than Akron, Kelce said there are plenty of schools showing some major interest. He hopes that interest turns to offers some time in the near future.
"Actually (Monday), Tennessee, North Carolina, Marshall, Ohio State, Northwestern and Pitt were at the school," he said. "There were a couple of more, but I couldn't remember. They all came by to watch the team work out. I didn't throw, but I lifted and they watched me work out. I was saving it for today."
Kelce said he's not ready to claim a leader yet and hopes to take some more visits to campuses here in the near future.