Clemson interested in DC safety

Darwyn Kelly doesn't plan on making a decision until around the time of his first game, on August 31, so it will be a little while before we know where he's heading.
North Carolina and Penn State appear to be in good shape with the Washington (D.C.) Woodson safety, but another school has him excited with the recent interest they've shown.
"One school coming up that could be in the picture is Clemson," Kelly said. "I've talked to Coach Brent Venables, who came in from Oklahoma. I recently sent him my film and my coach talked to him on the phone about a week ago. We sent him my film and my transcript and he said he really loved it."

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So what's the hold up?
"They're just waiting on the head coach to get back into town so they could watch it together," Kelly said. "He said they should have an offer for me then."
Kelly doesn't hide the fact that Clemson would skyrocket to the top of his list, or at least near the top, if they do decide to offer.
"If they offered they would be up there near the top," he admitted.