Clemons racking up offers

After an impressive performance in the Elite College Combine on May 1st at Rutgers, New Kensington (Pa.) Valley wide receiver Toney Clemons has seen offers begin to trickle in. Who does the 6-foot-2, 190-pounder hold scholarships from now?
"I got offers from Pittsburgh, Akron, Connecticut, Ole Miss, Michigan, Michigan State, Temple and Colorado," he said. "I picked up the offers from Michigan State and Colorado on last Tuesday after the Elite combine. Meanwhile the Michigan offer I had for a while I just didn't know it. I talked to one of their coaches recently and it sounded like they offered and then I found out for sure.
"I know of course the Michigan offer is huge, but I think all of the scholarships are big and very overwhelming. I appreciate them all and I'm just trying to keep my mind right and stay humble."

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Besides getting offers, plenty of schools are keeping in touch with the Keystone State prospect.
"Tennessee, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State, UCLA, Stanford and Ohio State seem very interested and continue to show a lot of interest sending me letters," he explained. "Already this month I've also gotten calls from Louisville, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Colorado, Ole Miss and Clemson. They have all been great to talk to and really nice."
Despite all the interest and offers, Clemons still claims to have no favorites at this time.
On May 1st, Clemons had a great time at the Elite College Combine.
"It went really well and I got a lot of good reps against some spectacular competition. It really allowed me to see where I'm at and opened my eyes to see what I still have to work on," he said. "I felt I really got to give myself more exposure and showed the coaches there that I'm coachable and I can get even better.
"I realized particularly after that, that I need to work on my technique. I know I can always work on my routes and route running and I have to continue to focus on my concentration and pulling the ball in. Occasionally I take my eye off the ball."
Clemons didn't run the 40-yard dash at the Elite College Combine because he was fatigued after running four track meets the week before.
"I did participate in the broad jump and shuttle and did a 9.9 broad and 4.5-second shuttle," he said. "I think I really excelled in the one-on-ones. I got to go up against (West Virginia commit) Daryl Robinson. He beat me once and then I got him the other two times. Then I also played against James Butts and he got me the first time, but I beat him twice after that. Both of those guys really made me play my best out there."
As for a decision, it could be awhile for the Pennsylvania wide receiver.
"I'm kind of clueless on the whole recruiting thing at this point," he said. "I know my mom and dad would love for me to wait because they want me to be completely confident about my choice and consider everyone.
"To me location isn't much of a factor in my decision. I see benefits with staying close to home and going away. Basically I'll be looking for campus life, academics, a winning program and wherever my heart feels comfortable at. I'm really looking to major in sports management or education because if an NFL career doesn't pan out, I want to give back to the community and help other kids that have a dream too."