Christian looks back on first official

Four-star Pennsylvania cornerback Cullen Christian took an official visit to UCLA over the weekend, his first such visit of the recruiting process. What did he think of his trip to the west coast?
The 6-foot, 180-pound defensive back repeatedly referred to his visit to Los Angeles as something unlike anything else he has ever experienced.
"At first when I went out there we went to the game, and after that we talked to all the coaches. Pretty much after that we went back to the hotel and had dinner until later, when we went out and hung out with the players and pretty much did what we wanted.

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"The atmosphere was totally different than all the games I had been to. It wasn't packed like it was for the Ohio State-USC game. It was just a whole different experience. I wouldn't explain it.
"We went to (Rick) Neuheisel's crib, met some of his family and did the campus tour and all that. We met the equipment managers and the trainers, and it was just good. The team was real cool. I liked the team a lot."
How does UCLA stack up against some of the other schools on Christian's list?
"I could tell you the top three," he said. "But they're not in any order. I've got three favorites but I don't know where they are as far as first to third. It's West Virginia, UCLA and Michigan.
"West Virginia has real good coaches. I like having coach Lockwood up there. That's the main thing with West Virginia.
"With UCLA, I just feel like they're real interested in me. With them being so far out and me being over here, they've been recruiting me real hard. I went out there and they showed me a lot of love. They acted like they needed me and that was real good. Also, there are a lot of opportunities out there. Even if football didn't work there would always be something else to do. It seems like it would be good for networking.
"Michigan has been a favorite for a long time. They were my first offer and they've stuck around. I've got the best bond with coach Gibson."
Christian will take his second official visit to West Virginia this weekend. He should take officials to Pitt on November 7 and Ohio State on November 14, and he wants to set up his official visit to Michigan sometime before he makes his college decision on November 24.