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Chris Sailer National Kicking Snapping Event results

LAS VEGAS - The 7th Annual National Kicking & Snapping Event sponsored by Nike and run by Chris Sailer Kicking took place January 17-18, 2009 in Las Vegas. Over 400 athletes participated representing over 40 states and four countries. The talent and level of competition at the event was at an all-time high. Many players stepped up and performed well, but only a few came out as champions. See below the competition winners and coveted "TOP 12".
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National Champions:
Kicker - Kyle French (Wis.)
Punter - Nick Marsh (Calif.)
Long Snapper - Chase Gorham (Ariz.)
Initial Competition Round Champions:
Field Goal: Bradley Pinion (N.C.)
Kickoff: Bradley Pinion (N.C.)
Punt: Bradley Pinion (N.C.) and Sam Falkenhagen (Calif.)
Field Goal: Brendan Sofen (Calif.)
Kickoff: Andre Heidari (Calif.)
Punt: Jesse Roy (N.C.)
Field Goal: Kyle French (Wis.) and Kip Smith (Colo.)
Kickoff: Cody Parkey (Fla.)
Punt: Ronnie Doherty (Texas) and Sam Myers (N.C.)
2009/Junior College/Transfer:
Field Goal: Ricky Drake (Calif.)
Kickoff: Ricky Drake (Calif.)
Punt: Nick Marsh (Calif.)
Last Man Standing Champions:
Each Group had roughly 60 participants
Group 1 (FG) : Matt Goudis (2011 Calif.)
Group 2 (FG) : Thomas Kinney (2010 Ill.)
Group 3 (Punt) : Matt Darr (2010 Calif.)
Group 4 (FG) : Igor Garcia (2009 Mass.) and Austin Smith (2010 Okla.)
Group 5 (FG) : Harrison Waid (2009 Calif.)
The high score on the Target was earned by Evan Jacobsen with a 34.
The highest RSI was earned by Evan Jacobsen with a 51.55.
The fastest average time was earned by Greg Parcher with a .70.
"TOP 12" 2010 Class
"TOP 12" 2009 Class
"TOP 12" 2010 Class – Long Snappers
"TOP 12" 2009 Class – Long Snappers