Chicago receiver has early favorites

Chicago (Ill.) junior wide receiver prospect Chris James (6-foot-1, 185 pounds) from Morgan Park High School wasn't able to make any college junior day events last weekend, but look for James to change that starting this weekend.
"I just couldn't get anything put together from a travel standpoint last weekend," James said. "This weekend I have an indoor track meet on Saturday, but I'm definitely going to check out a junior day on Sunday."
James, who has an offer from Illinois, will either be at Notre Dame or Northern Illinois University on Sunday.
"I'm still trying to sort everything out for Sunday. Both Notre Dame and NIU have invited me to their junior days on Sunday."
James also has continued to draw serious recruiting interest this winter.
"I'm still getting a lot of mail from several different schools, but Illinois and Purdue have been sending me several hand-written letters and so has Iowa and Notre Dame has also gotten much more interested."
James has a few early favorites.
"Right now I would say that Illinois and Purdue are two schools that I'm looking at pretty hard. It's still really early in the process and I'm still pretty open to any schools. Illinois and Purdue seem to me like good schools that I could see myself playing for, especially in the offenses that each school runs. We'll see how things progress over the next several months, but those are two schools I've been looking at recently."