Chatham has three trips in mind

Spring (Texas) Westfield three-star offensive guard Jeray Chatham has been missing in action the past few weeks, avoiding reporters calls and staying focused on things on the football field.
It’s a formula that has worked wonders as Westfield is one of the top teams in Houston and Chatham is opening up huge holes for the nation’s top all-purpose back, Webster Patrick.
“That’s really been my plan all along,” Chatham, who is 6-foot-4 and 265 pounds, said. “I really wanted to stay focused on my senior season, play hard, get deep into the playoffs and then think about recruiting more in December.”
Sounds like a great plan, especially with Chatham and Patrick forming a solid offense that is tough for opponents to stop.
“It’s really neat to have a great back like Webster to block for,” Chatham said. “He had an off game this past week. He only rushed eight or nine times for about 200 yards. He does make a few plays on his own and finds something that’s not there, but most of the time it’s us lineman making him look good. That’s how it should be, though.”
Chatham said things are looking good on the recruiting front. He doesn’t have official visit dates lined up yet, but does have three schools in mind that will be for sure visits.
“I’m going to visit Oklahoma State, LSU and Iowa State for sure,” Chatham said. “After that I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m still talking to Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Iowa and Miami, so I’ll figure the rest out later when we’re done with our season."