Change in plans for hot Kitchens

Things are blowing up for linebacker Darrin Kitchens. Kitchens, from Homestead, Florida, is trying to navigate his way through the recruiting process. Last month he visited Syracuse. This month he has already tripped to Florida and Florida State. He also has two remaining trips to Kansas and Texas Tech at this time.
"Man, (Doug) Marrone is really cool," Kitchens said. "I really like him because he's so down to earth. They are definitely still in it. The area is different. I would be the first person from down here to go up there. I would love to start something new.
"I went to FSU and Florida over the last two weeks. The Florida State visit was super. The coaches, players and people there are just tremendous. I like coach Stoops and the new coaches. I talked with coach Fisher and he's a great dude and very laid back. You would never know he's a head football coach.
"I love the atmosphere at Florida. That's what stood out there. Everything there is all about Florida. It's a Gator nation and they are all behind you 100%. They are just wonderful people. I also like the new coaches at Florida. They are all down to earth."
There were two coaching changes at Kansas and Texas Tech, his next two visits. What does he expect from those trips?
"Man, it seems like there are new coaches everywhere, at least with me. I just want to get to know those guys and see how comfortable I am with them."
USF was on the visit docket for this weekend. Instead, he has elected to head west to see the Jayhawks.
"I am just not feeling it anymore with USF. So I decided to check out Kansas."
Has a leader emerged for 6-3 and 215 standout from south Florida?
"I would say Florida, FSU, Syracuse are all even right now. We will see what happens. I would like to make a decision after the Texas Tech trip. If not, I will wait until Signing Day."
Kitchens has an in-home visit with Florida and Syracuse tomorrow. Meanwhile, Fisher and Eddie Gran from FSU will make an in-home with him next Wednesday and Marrone from Syracuse will next week as well.