Change could change things for DE

“Yeah, I can figure out why I’ve been getting more calls today,” St. Pius X defensive end Chris Harrington said. “I really don’t know what to make of it just yet. I have to see who they hire, and see where I stand with them. I plan on taking my visit there though when I have it scheduled (December 13).”
There is no recruit more knowledgeable about the Texas A&M football program than Harrington is. With the recent resignation of head football coach RC Slocum, a new regime is set to take over in College Station.
“I think (replacing coach RC Slocum) will happen soon,” Harrington said.
While time is seemingly standing still in Aggieland, other schools are working hard to impress the three-star player.
“Florida and coach Tolbert was just here,” Harrington said. “We just went through the media guide. He got me acquainted with the program, and the facilities.”
“I’m really impressed with Florida. They have a winning legacy. Their graduation rate is second highest in the SEC, and they have a large number of players in the NFL.”
What about former co-leader Oklahoma? Are the Sooners still in the ball game?
“Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright still calls once a week. I guess with the new period starting he’ll call even more,” Harrington said. “At one time I was leaning towards OU, but I really think that I was caught up in the emotion of the visit. All the schools try to get you caught up in the emotion and then try to get you to commit.
“Honestly, I just need to sit down and make a good decision after my visits. I’ve been to Oklahoma, I’m going to LSU this weekend, and then A&M the week after that. I talked to coach Tolbert about moving my (Florida) visit up (from January 24) possibly to the weekend of the 20th (of December).”
“I’m looking to decide about a week before singing day, but really whenever I have a good decision. I have it all in my head. It’s just a matter of sitting down and making a good decision.”