Chaney ready for final decision, again

It's been one thing after another for 2005 Georgia signee Jamar Chaney who after having academic scores that didn't look like they would pan out for his school of choice, has been given a second chance and a decision to make this weekend.
After not making academic qualifications at Georgia, the NCAA okayed grades to be used that Chaney had made on his scholastic test along with his grade point average. The University of Georgia, however, rejected it and left him looking for somewhere else to attend. Now, it's come down to three schools.
"It's probably going to be Mississippi State, Maryland, and you could probably throw Rutgers in there with those," Chaney said. "It came down to those three because I mean, basically, those schools can get me into college which is my main goal."
All three institutions had offered the outside linebacker Chaney during his 2005 recruiting campaign and thought him to be lost. Now, Chaney will decide again between those for what looks to be the absolute, final decision.
The issues with Georgia continued over the last few months, but Chaney will not be one to ever blame the coaches.
"I was just trying to take the test again, but then other colleges started to call and I wanted to take a look at them," Chaney said. "Georgia couldn't get me into schools and they didn't say anything about retaking the test making it all okay."
"The coaches had nothing to do with it though. They tried to help me out and always check in with me. It's just something that happens in your life that you have to deal with."
As for which of three are the favorite to get his signature, Chaney is keeping it open up until the last moment.
"I'm not leaning, they are pretty much all even with me," Chaney said. "Those three made it because they can get me an education and there are great coaches at each on of them."
One thing Chaney said about the experience is that he's over the situation. However, his mother had a rough time with it for a while.
"It hurt my mother a lot," he said. "Now, she's with me 100 percent and wherever I decide is best for me, she is going to be behind. She's always been there for me and always will be."