Chaney likes OSU, OU, KSU coaches

When it comes to receivers, no school in the state of Oklahoma has had more recent success in producing blue-chip players than Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. Washington and after having a five-star prospect last season, it looks like the Hornets have a shot at producing at least two four-star receivers this season. One of those four-star candidates is 6-foot-6, 205-pound Quentin Chaney.
Chaney, who goes by the nickname Q, already had offers from Oklahoma, Colorado, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M heading into the early parts of May. But with a round of calls and visits to the school for spring workings the last two weeks his offer list has grown quite a bit.
“Let’s see,” Chaney said, “I’ve gotten calls from Arkansas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Nebraska, USC, Texas Tech, Missouri and Kansas State. And I’ve either been told by all of them or have gotten offers from them in the mail.

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“It’s been a little crazy around here with all the people calling. But it’s also a lot of fun to listen to the them and ask them questions that I’m interested in finding the answers to.”
Like whether or not he has a shot at playing both football and basketball in college. You see, Chaney is a solid hoops recruit and is expect to get plenty of attention on that end, too.
“Most are saying that they don’t have a problem with me trying to do both sports,” Chaney said.
“Well, actually all of them that I’ve talked to so far said it wouldn’t be a problem. I’m going to look more into that as we go further into the process, but so far it sounds like they’re going to let me do both.”
Chaney did say that there have been a few coaches that have stood out in his opinion during the May calling period – and they’re all from the Big 12.
“I can probably say that coach (Todd) Monken from OSU has been my favorite to talk to so far,” Chaney said. “He’s their receiver coach. He’s just a pretty cool guy. He’s like what I look for in a good coach. He talked to me more than just sports. He seemed like he really genuinely cared about how I was doing.”
But Monken wasn’t the only one that impressed him.
“Coach (Jackie) Shipp from OU was cool, too,” Chaney said. “He was really nice. And I liked coach (Greg) Peterson from Kansas State. He talked to me about how they have a big-time receiver tradition up there and that they have a good connection with Booker T. because of the Lockett brothers.
“I really don’t know the Locketts personally, but a family friend lives right next door to them and talks about how great of a time they had playing at K-State.”
Chaney said he’s also been working hard on getting ready to tour with his AAU basketball team this summer. He said his first trip is in a few weeks to Bloomington, Ind., for a tournament.
“I would like to go to a few camps, but with ball this summer it looks like I’ll have to do a lot of the mini-camp or one day sessions,” he said.
“I’m not sure which ones yet, but I’m going to try to make as many as I can all over the place.”