Chaney finally done

Outside linebacker Jamar Chaney can finally put his mind on the future, and his mother can finally take a breath.
Chaney, the No. 29 ranked linebacker as a 2005 prospect, signed with Georgia but could not get in after academic qualification problems with the university. It appears that, after looking elsewhere for schools, he made his pick between his final three.
"Mississippi State is where he's going," Chaney's mother, Alice Chaney, reported. "That was the first school to offer him so it's pretty nice that he came back there."
"I can finally breathe a sigh of relief," Chaney's mother said.
The 6-foot, 216-pound linebacker, who was supposed to possibly see very early playing time at Georgia, can now focus on getting ready to suit up for Mississippi State this fall.
"It feels pretty good to get it over with," Chaney said. "I thought I knew on Thursday, and I just slept on it and called them this morning. I talked the coaches this morning when I was ready."
After all the problems, the light at the end of the tunnel for Chaney and his family is drawing closer. He will head down to his new college home within the first few days of August.
Chaney, always thinking of his family, is the most happy about his mother through all of this.
"She doesn't have to worry anymore," he said. "That's the biggest things in all of this. I've been ready to do what I have to do and now I can."