Certain schools stand out for Miller

Steve Miller doesn't plan to delay a decision. His recruitment won't carry into his senior year and won't be a distraction from football. He'll have a decision well before he plays a down as a senior.
The Gilbert (Ariz.) High School offensive tackle is moving toward the finish line with haste. Already, a group of schools lead the pack, and Miller doesn't mind rattling off their names.
"BYU, Utah, Arizona State, Washington are kind of leading the pack right now." Miller said. "It's mostly Pac 12 schools and BYU. That's kind what I'm feeling right now."
That pecking order is, of course, subject to change as new interest mounts and Miller continues his offseason travel. He plans to take summer visits to Utah, BYU, Washington and possibly Colorado in the coming months, and those trips could help shape the homestretch of his recruitment. He also plans to attend San Diego State's camp down the road.
"I'm just trying to firm up what I'm feeling and see where I want to go," Miller said. "I think I'm going to be done with this before the season starts. I want to get it all squared away a focus on my team and the playoffs and a state championship."
State of the art facilities and other aesthetics matter little to Miller in his search for a school at which to continue his career. He's more concerned with the inner workings of the programs chasing his verbal commitment.
Miller wants a stylistic fit. Miller wants to see depth charts. He has no aspirations of sitting on the bench and waiting his turn. The most important factors to him are clear.
"I want to be somewhere where they really want me - a place where I'll have a chance to go in play right away," he said. "It's really a goal for me to make an impact immediate, so that I can, not only make an impact in college, but so I can possibly make it to the NFL. That's another goal of mine."
Miller currently lists a total of eight scholarship offers. It seems unlikely that he will officially narrow his options before choosing a school this summer.