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Century mark: Brantley wants back in

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Crescent City (Fla.) four-star defensive tackle Caleb Brantley slipped out of the most recent revision of the Rivals100.
The nation's No. 8 defensive tackle will be in Atlanta this week for the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge with plans to take back his rightful spot among the top 100 prospects.
"I am looking to prove everybody wrong," Brantley said. "My ranking dropped and I am trying to get my ranking back up. I really want to go out there and prove that I am a five-star. I want to show that I am one of the best defensive tackles out there."
The 6-foot-3, 302-pound defensive tackle says he doesn't pay a great deal of attention to rankings, but didn't like the talk associated with him after an Orlando Nike Football Training Camp where he had an up-and-down performance.
"I don't really care about it but I don't like when people trash talk me," Brantley said. "I have heard people say I am scared of competition and things like that. That isn't true. Stuff like that gets to me. That is why I accepted the invite to the Five-Star Challenge, because I have to go prove myself."
The Florida commitment says the assertion that he is scared of competition couldn't be further from the truth.
"Not at all," Brantley said. "I love competition."
The Sunshine State prospect has been squarely focused on the event since accepting his invitation. He is now ready to unleash that preparation upon his opponents from around the country.
"I have been working hard," Brantley said. "I have been preparing for this for a while now. I am going to work my behind off and dominate. I am going to try and dominate anybody that lines up in front of me."
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With regards to his recruitment, Brantley pledged to Florida back in January. He has remained committed to Will Muschamp and company, but gone back and forth with regard to looking around.
"I am pretty firm right now," Brantley said. "Every time I go to Florida it brings back why I committed to them. I just have a great time every time I visit there."
Brantley said possible visits could include Auburn and Georgia. While those SEC opponents may get their shot, he admits it will be tough to beat out the Gators for his services.
"One of the biggest reasons I committed to Florida is the feeling I get when I am around the coaches and the players and the education is big there," Brantley said. "Also, they are losing some defensive linemen so when I get there it will be a great opportunity for me.
"I know there will always be competition but I am ready to take my spot," Brantley added.
Brantley isn't just talking about when he arrives at Florida.
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