Celis talks Pac-12 offer

Andrew Celis has been offered as a safety by Washington State and even though that's not his natural position the Kentfield (Calif.) Marin Catholic recruit is interested.
It's his first Pac-12 offer and definitely an interesting one for the 6-foot, 178-pound prospect who also has offers from Boise State, Idaho and Nevada.
"I'm capable of playing on both sides of the ball," Celis said. "The only thing about safety is I think I'm quick enough to play safety, I just don't think right now I'm big enough to play safety so that's the only thing that if I were to accept that offer, I'd have to get bigger to play that position.

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"I don't really prefer to play on either side of the ball or one specific position because I like to be an athlete and do whatever helps the team out."
Playing either safety or wide receiver is fine with Celis, who said he wants to visit Pullman sometime this summer to see if it would be a good fit. He's only talked about the school with running backs coach Jim Mastro so he wants to get a personal feel for whether it could be a place he spends the next four years.
"It's a huge offer to have," Celis said. "It's good to have because it's my first Pac-12 offer and hopefully more Pac-12 offers come in and then I can get even higher on the radar.
"I definitely want to hold off for maybe a little bit longer to just see what else comes in. I'm going to try to visit this summer to Washington State to see how I like it. Coach Mastro, the recruiting coach, is my only source up there so I want to take a look up there for myself and hopefully connect with it and love it."
More interest is also coming in for Celis, who said South Florida, Boise State, UCLA and Cal have recently gotten involved in his recruitment as well.