CB Walls has a good visit to Michigan

Five-star cornerback Darrin Walls out of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Woodland Hills took his second official visit of the season to Michigan this weekend. After visiting Pittsburgh last week, what did the 6-foot-0, 172-pounder like about the Wolverines and how did they compare?
"I was hosted by Steve Breaston and we had a really nice time, he's a former graduate of my high school and he showed me all his friends. He was a little bit down after they lost, but he'll get over it," he said. "We got there Saturday and ate breakfast in the morning and went over to the stadium to get tickets and watch the pregame. Then after the game we went back and had dinner and hung out with the football players. I talked to some basketball players and Mike Hart and the fullback. Steve told me he wants me to make the best decision I can and he'll help me as much as he can if I come there."
Walls also got some time with the coaches.
"I talked to both coach Carr and coach English," he said. "They all told me that they wanted me to come to Michigan. They also said I can probably compete in the dime or nickel. They didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, just the truth."
Of course, the game was a major part of Walls visit.
"The atmosphere there was great and the fans are really good and I like everything about their tradition."
Walls rated his visit to Michigan an 8.5.
"I don't want to give it a 10 because then everything thinks I'll be going to Michigan, but if they won I probably would have given them a 9," he said. "The loss doesn't mean anything, it's only a game and it doesn't determine their season. I had a real good time and Michigan is a really good place."
The No. 24 player in the country has no leaders, but he did compare his two visits.
"I'd say the Michigan visit was better only because I live in Pittsburgh and have been around there, there's nothing new," he said. "As far as college wise, Michigan has a better college atmosphere and game atmosphere too. I still don't have a leader and I know it's going to be a tough decision."
This week Walls will be heading south to take his third official visit to Florida.
"When I go there I'm going to have to go over the academic part," he said. "I want to see what they have to offer and just see who my host is and if he does a good job."
Before his trip to Michigan, the No. 1 cornerback in the country helped Woodland Hills to a 28-2 victory over Baldwin.
"I had an interception early in the game and didn't play in the fourth because we were up by so much," he said. "I know I can do better, but they didn't throw my way after I got the pick. Instead they tried to run and I don't think any team is going to run on us this year."