CB now down to five schools

Darius Robinson has been busy. Over the past week or so he was still strongly considering two dozen teams. Last week Robinson narrowed it down to ten. Yesterday, he whittled it down to five.
"I did yesterday morning," Robinson said. "I wasn't too hard because I had narrowed it down last week. I just didn't want to make a bad choice. When I decided on these five I just looked at the relationship with coaches and got my family's input.
Robinson, a three-star cornerback from Atlanta Westlake High School, says he hopes to decide before Signing Day between Clemson, Miami, Stanford, Central Florida and Kentucky.

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"Clemson is not too far from home. It's two hours a way. My dad loves Clemson and is close with James Davis. I love coach (Charlie) Harbison. I have a good vibe about Clemson. I will visit there this Friday. It will be my first trip there.
"I love the tradition at Miami. They have so many (players) in the NFL and they have such good connections. They have good alumni. I was down there (for camp) and I really liked the people and the coaches were cool."
"I see Stanford as a program growing fast. In my opinion they are putting together a top class. Then you have the academics. They open up some good doors. Stanford gives you lots to think about. I just need to make sure California isn't too far for my family. It's not for me but they are going to want to see me play.
"UCF is a school that has stirred things up for me. I have really bonded with the coaches plus they have showed me so much love. UCF is recruiting me the hardest and they say I'm one of the top guys on their board. Plus, I love David Kelly and I know he's a future head coach some day.
"I like Joker Phillips at Kentucky. He's the guy recruiting me. Plus, I have a former teammate there (Greg Wilson) and he tells me a lot of good things about Kentucky. I would love to play with him again. I will visit there for sure."
At one time Robinson thought he was destined to play in the ACC. But if you see his final five school four different conferences are represented.
"At first I got so many offers from schools in the ACC that I thought I would end up playing that conference. And I still might. I am just looking at the best fit. Some people have questioned me and UCF. But I like that school. I like those coaches. And I really believe that it doesn't matter where you play. If you play and get that opportunity that's all that matters.
"At one point I thought I would decide this month. But it will probably be sometime this season after I make some visits."