CB Edwards makes a decision

Three-star cornerback Evrett Edwards out of Woodbridge (Va.) Woodbridge Senior made a decision earlier today. The 5-foot-11, 175-pounder visited Duke just days ago and quickly turned around with a commitment.
"I committed today to Duke," he said. "I called Coach Cutcliffe at about 2:30 p.m. and we were both excited.
"He was excited and talked to me about my visit on Saturday."

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Since Edwards had just been to Durham, was there something about the trip that sold him?
"I went there on Saturday and then I talked it over with my parents. I prayed about it," he said. "It's Duke. Coach Cutcliffe is from the SEC and is really big with his relationship with his players. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning came back to Duke to talk to him, they asked to work with him. That speaks about the man and his resume.
"On top of that, it's obvious Duke doesn't want to be recognized just for basketball with the major improvements they are bringing to football. When I was down there I saw the new facilities, the practice field and how they are putting a lot of money into their football stadium to close it off and bring it closer to the field. Also, when I was there I saw the kids on campus. There weren't a lot, but they looked happy."
Still, the big thing that really won Edwards over was his relationship with Cutcliffe.
"You can say that was important," he said. "I talked to him and had a great conversation for about 45 minutes to an hour. For a recruit to have a relationship with a head coach, that is rare, you don't get that very often."
In addition, life away from football was big too for the Virginia corner.
"I did things most kids wouldn't do, they usually looks at the uniforms, the roster, the schedule," he said. "I looked at their endowment and I know I can do it on the football field. But, I'm more interested in what they can do for me off the field. You can go anywhere and say Duke and that's enough said. I want to study international business. With the football program and Coach Cutcliffe, I know they are going to be going places and I want to be part of that."
The potential for playing time is there for Edwards.
"It's a possibility," he said. "They have seven corners now and two or three are seniors and two are freshmen. I know I have to work hard and if I keeping working out and miss parties like I have been, I can get there one day."
Overall, Edwards claims he is set on his choice.
"I'm glad with the decision I made."
If possible, Edwards is considering graduating early.
"I do have the option to graduate early, but I don't know if Duke would let me."