Cats, Hawks battling for DE

Harrisonville, Mo., defensive end Zach Kendall had a busy week scheduled last week. There were three football camps potentially on the calendar all in the span of a few days, but Kendall alleviated some of that schedule on his own.
"I was planning to go to Arkansas, Kansas and maybe Missouri's camp," the 6-foot-5, 265-pound Kendall said. "But, I went to the Arkansas camp and that was the only one.
"It was alright. I could only stay for two of the sessions before I had to go. I haven't called down to talk to Coach (Clifton) Ealy since I got back."
The trips to Kansas and Missouri's camps were cancelled.
"Really, I didn't go because KU, K-State and Ball State have already offered me scholarships. I am not going to go to Missouri's camp. They were last week anyway, but I decided not to go. Missouri has not had any contact with me at all."
Kendall is nearing the time to make his college choice.
"I am close to making a choice," he said. "It is between K-State and KU right now really. I can't say that I am favoring anyone at this point and I haven't set any time frame for making a choice."