Cathey thrives at defensive tackle

Nashville, Tenn. - Romario Cathey of Nashville (Tenn.) Maplewood is a defensive tackle all the way. He is 6-foot-3, 275 pounds and he thrives when breathing down the neck of an offensive guard or center. However, due to necessity for his high school team, Cathey spends 50 percent of his night playing offensive guard and another portion of his night in a two point stance rushing off the edge.
Almost none of his night is spent on the sideline.
On Friday night, Cathey was able to line up more in his natural position with a hand down at defensive tackle and that was a big reason that Maplewood was able to come up with a big win against Ooltewah (Tenn.) High School.
"I think we played good as a team," Cathey said. "I just have to work on splitting the double teams and attacking the line of scrimmage like I've been doing in practice. When I get in the game they're a little more physical than in practice but I still try to make plays and we're just a team."
Each game is a physical test for Cathey because of his two-way role but when playing with a hand down on defense the senior thrives.
"I like the nose guard better because I can slant the gap a little faster," he said. "I get to be in the backfield a little bit quicker than on the outside and I don't have to read that much. I just attack the center and if the guard pulls than I redirect and go the other way."
Recently, Cathey added Louisville to his offer list that already includes Texas Tech, Memphis and MTSU. He is getting more interest as well, particularly as he gets closer to qualifying.
"Louisville, they offered me," he said. "Alabama State is looking into it. Tennessee is going to offer on my first report card. Murray State, I talk to them. I've got no favorite right now. I'm just trying to get my grades and find out the best place to go get an education."