Castille close to first offer

Reports have come out that the first scholarship offer is in hand for La Porte, Texas fullback Quentin Castille, but things are not so clear just yet.
The attention has been heavily coming in for the 6-foot-2, 225-pound runner and since visiting Northwestern, it looked as if the first written offer was around the corner. Castille says he's close, but not quite there just yet.
"I've kind of got an offer from Northwestern," Castille said. "Right now it's just a verbal one. I'm sitting down and talking with my parents about it. The coaches there just told me they want me and so I'm kind of waiting on the written offer to come. They said that they're going to check on my grades. It's a great place and they've got a top graduation rate for the country."

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Northwestern sits along with Louisville, Ole Miss, Central Florida, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech as his current favorites. Four of those standout among the rest.
"I really like Louisville, Ole Miss, LSU, and Central Florida the most," Castille said. "I didn't think Ole Miss would be recruiting me. I've always been a fan of LSU. Central Florida seems like a good school as well."
Castille says he'd like to have a decision early, but how soon is up in the air. Some camp trips will be taken most likely before he pulls the trigger on a commitment to any school.
"I've got a couple of places I'd like to head to," Castille said. "Baylor, LSU are two schools that I'd like to head to for junior days or camps. I actually think that Louisville may be the next written offer for me because they're coming on strong. I may try to get out there as well."