Cason visiting Georgia schools

College campuses have been flooded with recruiting visitors as high schools let out for spring break and top prospects are using the time off to check out their top schools. Clarkston, Mich., defensive back Tim Cason will start a string of visits this weekend.
"For spring break my dad wanted to come down and visit his family in South Carolina, so we are also going to stop through Georgia," Cason said. "My dad contacted the coaches at UGA and Georgia Tech, and they wanted me to come out Friday and Saturday. I'll be at Georgia Tech on Friday and I'll be at UGA on Saturday."
Contact with both Georgia and Georgia Tech has been going on for the last several months, though both teams have said they would like to see him at camp before an offer is made. This weekend's trips are for Cason to see what the schools have to offer.

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"I am excited and know that they are great teams," Cason said. "I have never really had the opportunity just because it is a 12-hour drive, so I am really excited and really looking forward to talking to coaches."
Cason will then visit two Midwest programs the following weekend when his Maximum Exposure teams heads to the Chicago area to play in a tournament.
"We're going down for the IMG [7-on-7] and while we're down there we have an opportunity to visit with Notre Dame and Northwestern," he said. "We'll be visiting Northwestern earlier and Notre Dame later on that Saturday."
The most recent schools Cason has visited were Michigan and Michigan State. He was on the Spartan's campus last weekend, and was able to discuss their plans for recruiting the three-star defensive back going forward.
"They want a live evaluation for me to see how much I have [developed]," Cason said. "I am really looking forward to working out for them because I know for a fact I will do well at their camp."
Additional visits this month are planned to Wisconsin on April 20 and Nebraska the weekend following.