Carvajal looks for second chance

During his senior season, 6-foot-7, 215-pound athlete Carlos Carvajal was suspended from his Hialeah (Fla.) football team due to participating in a fight on the field. That suspension hurt Carvajal's recruitment, as it took him off the field, but it has also taught him a few lessons that may make him a better player in the long run.
"The suspension really tore me apart because football is my life," Carvajal said. "Due to the suspension I have been pushing myself every day, working hard every day, and training by myself. I am trying to become the best that I can be."
Carvajal is working with a personal training, focusing heavily on improving his speed and explosion. His personal trainer is also working with the three-star tight end to get him more opportunities at the next level. Following the suspension, most schools that were interested backed off, but one school remains heavily in the mix.
"Right now all that I know of is Memphis," Carvajal said. "After everything happen, at the end they called me and just said I am good, they are still interested, and I am still near the top of their board. I have a lot of interest and I think I am going to visit on the 28th."
"I have talked with the running backs coach, the tight end coach, and the receivers coach," Carvajal added. "They told me how Memphis struggled this past year but that they are going to get better. They want my athleticism. They think I can play both ways. There is a real interest there, they like me in part because I can be a 6-foot-7 receivier."
Throughout his football career, Carvajal has contributed on both sides of the ball and he believes that can continue in college.
"In college, I think I can play both positions really," Carvajal said. "I will play both ways if I have to. I see myself possibly playing both ways, tight end or defensive end, it doesn't matter to me."
As for gaining more offers and more opportunities to select from come Signing Day, Carvajal's trainer is taking it upon himself to try to further that cause at the upcoming AFCA convention.
"The coach that is training me is going to the convention to find out if any other colleges are interested," Carvajal said. "I still have an open mind. I will try to take an official to any school that wants me. I just want a chance. I want to go to a college and dominate. Guys have gone from smaller colleges to the pro and I know I can do it."
Carvajal is taking the SAT later in January and said he is earning high marks in the classroom.