Carter decides to head West

Ashburn (Va.) Briar Woods defensive back Alex Carter made a decision earlier this afternoon. The 6-foot-1, 185-pounder has pulled in eleven offers to date and came into a visit today in his mind ready to make a pledge and fulfilled while on campus.
"I was at Stanford today on campus watching practice and told them I wanted to commit," he said. "I committed around 4 o'clock today.
"They were pretty excited. At the end of practice, they pulled all the guys around and made an announcement. Everyone was happy for my decision and it felt pretty good."

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The trip to Stanford was Carter's third and he went into the visit intending to decide.
"I've been pretty heavy on Stanford for awhile. I knew before that I wanted to come here and there is no point in dragging out the process, why not end it now," he said. "I couldn't find a better school than what Stanford had, athletically, academically and the beautiful weather.
"We came out here thinking I was probably going to commit. We just toured the campus and I really fell in love with it again."
Carter went deeper on his choice.
"It's that they are top five in both, academically they have one of the best engineering schools in the country and I'm probably going to major in engineering," he said. "Athletically, they finished and beat Tech in the Orange Bowl. They are very good in football and have great guys in general around the team, it's a place that fits me."
Even with the changes in the coaching staff, Carter is comfortable with the Cardinal.
"Their coaching staff is still for the most part the same," he said. "Coach Shaw is a bit different from Coach Harbaugh, but I love Coach Shaw. I'm happy with him, it's great."
In terms of his position, Stanford wants Carter as a corner first and foremost.
"It's pretty early, but they mentioned I have a chance to come in and compete at cornerback and if I wanted, wide receiver," he said. "I'm happy with that, I feel like I can be a better cornerback with my size and speed. I can make a good contribution at corner."