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Carr with five scholarship offers

Daunte Carr is a safety prospect from Buford (Ga.) High School. Carr, 6-2 and 193 pounds, recorded 73 tackles, four forced fumbles, three interceptions, and 12 tackles for a loss last season as a junior.
"Most teams like me as a free safety," Carr said. "I am good in coverage and good in run support. I also play well in the open field. But I realize there's always room for improvement in everything I do. I want to polish up every aspect of my game."
So far Carr has five scholarship offers; East Carolina, South Carolina, Stanford, Central Florida, and South Florida. That first one surprised him.
"South Carolina was my first one and I was very surprised. It actually happened during the season. My coach told me and I was surprised, shocked and relieved."
Carr will take a visit to Columbia this weekend for a South Carolina junior day. He already attended one at Georgia Tech earlier this year.
"Georgia Tech has a very big campus and it was bigger than I expected. I mean it was real nice and Tech is a very good school with very good academics. They also have a good football program. It's just a well rounded school. I am not sure if they will offer but they seem very interested."
Right now Carr has some school favorites. South Carolina and Georgia Tech are two. Florida, Stanford, Miami, and Georgia are also on his short list.
"Florida is a awesome program. I went to their spring game last year. That have a big campus that I really like. It's a well rounded school. I hope to hear a lot more from them.
"I may take a visit out to Stanford for a junior day. I heard it's a beautiful campus. They have great academic and you are pretty much set with a degree from there. I would love to learn more, see the campus, meet the coaches, and get a feel for the school.
"My sister goes to Georgia and she tells me all these positive things about the school. The coaches seem very positive and I feel real connected with them. I have been there a ton because of my sister and I like the coaches a lot at Georgia.
"I'm originally from Miami and have always liked the Hurricanes. I left there when I was four and we lived in Dekalb County (Georgia) before moving to Buford in the 8th grade. I like the climate and love the weather down there. Miami has so much talent and speed. With family down there it would be almost like playing at home for me."
So what will determine Carr's school choice in the end?
"The atmosphere of the school is important. So is the depth chart and who's coming in and what position they play. Do I fit in? I want to see if I am compatible with the coaches. Are they there for students and athletes? I want to see what the living environment is about. I will take all this into consideration plus academics. You have to be able to fall back on education if the pros doesn't work."