Carr talks about his commitment

Daunte Carr is pretty excited and relaxed these days. He recently committed to one of the great schools in this country and just got back from vacation with his family. Carr, a rising senior from Gainesville High School in Georgia, decided last week that he wanted to be a Stanford Cardinal.
"Yes sir, I committed back on the 29th of June," Carr said. "Stanford has a degree that will take me a lot further then anything else. It's very powerful and speaks for itself. That's the main thing about my decision.
Carr, who's looking to study engineering, pre-med, or sports medicine, picked Stanford over UCLA, North Carolina, Wake Forest and Miami.

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"It wasn't an easy decision and the process was actually hard process.
"I think the conference (Pac 10) did play a factor in my decision but more than anything I think Stanford will be really good and is a team on the rise. The team and players are very hungry to win and very passionate to win. And it's not only the Pac 10 championship but national championship as well."
Carr, 6-1 and 188 pounds, is a defensive back that could play either safety position or eventually grow into an outside linebacker. He seems like a good fit for the Cardinal defense.
"Yeah, I think I fit into their defense very well. It's similar to my high school defense, running a lot of cover two and three. I can play free or strong or play a linebacker. It doesn't really matter because I just want to get on the field and play."
A few other pluses for Carr and his decision was the area and obviously the Stanford coaching staff.
"All the Stanford coaches are very down to earth and genuine. You get the feeling that when you speak with them you can talk with them about anything. At the same time you know they coach hard because they have the same aspirations and that's to win.
"I also think Palo Alto is a beautiful place. The weather is always nice and the atmosphere is great. I mean I have been there three times now and it just seems like a great place to live."
Stanford is a program that has always recruited nationally, meaning they pull prospects from all over the nation. In Carr's class alone Stanford already has 23 commitments from 15 different states. One of those is his teammate, Tai-lor Jones.
"That will certainly help with the transition, no question about it. It's comforting to know that I will be playing with players that are all from the same place."