Cards grab quarterback

Brett Nelson isn't worried about the future. He's living in the now. There's plenty of time to be concerned about what will happen when he arrives on campus for his first snap as a Louisville Cardinal quarterback. That stuff will sort itself out down the road.
Nelson couldn't care less about what may happen a few months from now. He's just excited to have a home.
"Whether I'm playing or backing up the starter, I'm just happy to be with Lousivlle," Nelson said on Sunday. "I'm giving everything I got to these guys."

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Nelson committed to Louisville on Sunday morning, during his official visit to the campus. He'd seen all he needed to see well before he made the trip. So when it was time for him to leave for the airport and fly back to Southwestern Community College in Chula Vista, Calif., he pulled the trigger on a move he'd be thinking about for quite some time.
The visit festivities served as bonuses. They only drove home points that Nelson said had already been made.
"It's just a great place," Nelson said. "The coaching staff shares my values. The offense is a great fit for me. Now I have the chance to play some of the best football in the country. There are also lots of things academically going on at U of L. That intrigues me. I take education very seriously."
The other thing Nelson seems to take seriously is his word. According to him, his verbal commitment is final. He'll field no more phone calls from college coaches and take no other visits.
And while most other players would call the recruiting process a "business decision," Nelson views it as quite the opposite. To him, his choice was about family. To him, picking Louisville was a act of emotion, not an investment on which he'll be looking for a return.
"I'm not here for business," Nelson said. "I'm here to be at the right place. The lord has been good to me and given me the chance to be in a place that fits me. I'm done. I've prayed over it."
Louisville quarterback Will Stein served as Nelson's host on the visit, and the junior college transfer credits him for fostering a comfortable environment. So while the Cardinals' coaching staff did the lot of the legwork in securing Nelson's pledge, it was Stein and his teammates that closed the deal.
At the very least, the senior signal-caller deserves credit for a recruiting assist.
"Will is a great guy, and we talked offense most of the time," Nelson said. "I met all the other quarterbacks, too. There was just a brotherhood that stands far above the rest. I felt I was a part of the team when I walked in. Whatever I can do to make the other QBs better is what I want to do. I just want to do anything I can to help us continue this upturn."