Capers-Smith racking up offers

New Orleans (La.) Warren Easton 2015 athlete Deshawn Capers-Smith has quickly become known for his cat quick feet and his playmaking ability, and college coaches have already come calling.
At 6-foot, 180-pounds, offers have already come in from Texas A&M, Utah, UCLA, Missouri, Tulane, and Louisiana Tech, and while he is drawing attention on both sides of the ball, one side is drawing more attention than the other.
"I think most of them are on defense," Capers-Smith said. "I think some want me on both sides of the ball but I think most of them want me on defense."

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For much of his career he has been an offensive weapon, but if defense is where college coaches want him he is more than happy to accommodate them.
"It will be nice," Capers-Smith said. "I was always an offensive player growing up, but I played both sides of the ball. Anywhere they can put me I'll be out there to help the team out."
This summer he was not able to make many college visits but he was able to make a trip to College Station to check out Texas A&M. He met with coaches and saw the campus. He liked what he saw from the Aggie program, but one thing stood above the rest.
"Mainly the people," Capers-Smith said. "Everywhere we went they knew us and they were showing us love and that if we went out there it would be a whole different thing."
In the past he was able to check out Alabama, and he hopes to take visits to Florida and Florida State.
It is still early in the process, but as the pace begins the pick-up there are a few schools standing out on his list.
"LSU, Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida, and I want to see Clemson," Capers-Smith said.
There are several reasons each school currently stands out to the talented junior-to-be.
LSU: "Me being from down here I've always been a fan because I always used to watch. Seeing that I can be close to home would make me feel happy."
Alabama: "That school I knew I would have a chance to win a national championship and I love being on a winning team. Not just that but I see a team with a great defense and me being a part of that would make me happy too."
Texas A&M: "Johnny Manziel he's just a superstar and me being on the same field as him at least for a year would make me happy. Helping me out and making it to the pros I'd be happy."
Florida: "Florida is another team I've been watching since I was young. By me being in the house with my uncle that's one thing we talk about because I'm a Tim Tebow fan."
For now though, Capers-Smith is focused on Warren Easton's 2013 season. With teammates like Tyron Johnson, Arthur McGinnis, and Darrell Clark, expectations are high. Capers-Smith has his sights set on making a run at a state title, and he has a big time personal goal in the passing game.
"Last year I don't know how many passing yards I had but I think I had 2-something," Capers-Smith said. "I would like to reach out for 3,000 (this year)."