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Cantey visits PSU, names leaders

Brooklyn (N.Y.) South Shore athlete Parker Cantey took a trip to Penn State this past weekend. What did the 6-foot-3, 200-pounder with 4.56-second speed think of his visit?
"It was great, Joe Paterno is a great coach and I'd love to play for them," he said. "The whole team atmosphere really impressed me. There's no individual person there that says I'm better than you. Everyone is one team and the whole team has one goal of getting better and winning a national championship.
"I talked to coach Norwood and coach Paterno a lot. Coach Paterno told me how he's from Brooklyn and he's a really cool due for a guy that old."
Earlier this summer, Cantey took a visit to Rutgers and Syracuse.
"The Rutgers visit stood out because their weight room is really great," he said. "I really like the coaching staff at Syracuse. They are just good people and they talked to me a lot. Coach Robinson especially is a good guy too."
Currently, the New York prospect claims offers from Penn State, Rutgers, Syracuse, Iowa, Virginia and Pittsburgh. He's expecting one from Wisconsin very soon.
The leaders for the prospect's services include Penn State, Virginia and Syracuse.
"Penn State just because it's a great school, I like it a lot and it's not that far away," he said. "Syracuse because of the coaching staff and Virginia because I love being in the south, that's where I was born. I also know it's a good school."
Cantey was born in Georgia and has family in Atlanta. Is there an interest to head back home?
"I was hearing from Georgia Tech, but I don't know what happened," he said. "If either of those schools offered, they'd definitely jump up because of my family ties there."
Cantey is already starting to think about official visits.
"I've talked about it with my coaches and I'm looking at going to Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia, Penn State and Syracuse," he said. "I want to see what Iowa and Wisconsin are like. Even though it's really far, I want to get a chance to play and if that's the place with the best chance that's where I'll go."
Most likely Cantey will take his visits during December and January.
Last season Cantey caught 22 receptions for 200 yards and four touchdowns. He added 70 tackles, four forced fumbles, two touchdowns and 12 sacks on defense as he was named all-borough, all-city and defensive player of the year in the city.