Canteen is taking visits

2014 wide receiver Freddy Canteen has taken one unofficial visit this fall. The 6-foot-0, 175-pounder out of Elkton (Md.) Eastern Christian Academy is eyeing a couple more trips potentially soon.
"I went to a Rutgers game," he said. "They played Syracuse and I like Rutgers a lot, I loved it there.
"I think Rutgers is phenomenal. They played well and were throwing the ball a lot."

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Canteen is eyeing a pair of other trips.
"I'm trying to make it to Maryland's game against Florida State," he said. "I'm also trying to make it up to hopefully a West Virginia game.
"I'm interested by those two because of the wide receivers that go there, Stefon Diggs (Maryland) and Tavon Austin (West Virginia). I like watching them."
Currently, Canteen claims offers from Hawaii, Maryland and Rutgers. What's his status with West Virginia?
"They are pretty much like most of the other schools recruiting me. They like my tape and that's about it right now."
So, does Canteen like anyone?
"Pretty much everything is kind of the same right now," he said. "Later in May or June I'll start focusing in more, but I'm just trying to better myself.
"I can say on these visits coming up, I just want to experience a college game, see how the environment is."
The season has been a bit in disarray for Canteen as his team has played approximately three games.
"We haven't had any games lately," he said. "Everything is kind of unclear, our school and coaches are dealing with that. I have scored in every game so far. I average about four or five catches a game. We haven't played a game in about a month.
"From what I've seen, I'm more mechanically sound with everything. I've gotten a lot faster and I'm continuing to try to get better."