Canada down to two

Monrovia (Calif.) two way standout Jesse Canada took his fourth and likely his last official visit this past weekend to Oregon State. Two schools are running neck and neck right now and a decision could come within the next couple of weeks.
Canada, 6-0, 180 pounds is one of the region’s top athletes and could stand out at both receiver or defensive back in college. Everyone is currently looking at him for receiver, which is also his preference. Heading in to his weekend trip to Corvallis, Canada had Cal and Oregon as his top two. Did the Beavers do enough to break in to the mix?
“It was a good trip, I liked Oregon State a lot,” Canada said. “They have a nice program and I was impressed with everything. Saying that, Oregon and Cal are still my two leaders and I’ve narrowed it down to those two right now. I don’t see myself taking any more trips, I’m busy with basketball and I think it will just be easier for me to make my decision if I can cut my list to two and start comparing and doing the pros and cons of each of those two schools.

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“Last week, I told you I had Cal leading but then Coach Pellum and Coach Belotti from Oregon came in and really sold the school well. It’s very close now, almost even. If I had to name a leader, Cal may still have a slight edge but it’s very small and I’m not close to deciding between the two because they are so close.
“Coach Ferigno from Oregon will be coming to my basketball game tomorrow night and Cal is going to set up a home visit with me real soon, the next time we talk. I would like to have my decision done by Christmas, that’s my goal.