Can anybody top USC for Rivers

The nation’s top linebacker, Keith Rivers has now seen two of his top five schools live and in person. One thing continues to disappoint the young linebacker though.
“I haven’t seen a single hot girl yet on my visits,” Rivers joked. “I mean, some were okay, but the Cane Connection and the Gator Getters were disappointing. I was expecting better.”
While Rivers has a good sense of humor, his most obvious attribute is a mean streak on the field, and his intensity during play.
“I get so amped up before the game that I have to find ways to relax a little,” Rivers said. “I have to listen to relaxing music. If I don’t, I can’t settle down until halftime.”
All of that emotion, blended with a plethora of god-given football abilities, makes the 6-foot-3 215 pound Rivers one of the most sought after players in the country. Since recruiters have been calling for months, it has given Rivers a chance to pare down his list.
Right now, Rivers has it whittled all the way down to three.
“Florida, USC, and Oklahoma are at the top, but I will probably visit Miami and Florida State too, so they aren’t out of it.”
“I will visit Oklahoma, Florida and USC for sure, but we will just have to see with the other two.”
Rivers had planned on taking January visits, but his team has gotten off to a poor start, stumbling to a 1-3 record. Now, Rivers might think about visits a little sooner.
“I am going to take my visits at the end of the football season, and the way things are going, that might be sooner than later,” Rivers chuckled.
“We’ll get things turned around though, we just have to keep playing hard.”
Two weekends ago, Rivers got a chance to check out Florida for the second time this season. This time, Rivers made a trip to the Swamp to check out the infamous atmosphere.
“It was really muggy,” he said. “I felt sorry for those (Florida) players out there; they looked tired. The fans there are just ridiculous. It wasn’t as loud as I thought it might be, but they lost.”
Rivers has had some concerns about the direction of the Florida program, and now he has seen Florida lose twice, yet Florida has moved up on his list.
“I think that they will be able to compete really soon,” Rivers said. “I think that they are great recruiters, so that will help. I think that they just need some depth, especially on defense. They just got worn out.”
With Rivers, the talk always seems to be about who is moving up and down the list behind USC. Despite a loss to Cal this past weekend, USC is still the one team at the top, and the five-star stud says that they are hard to beat.
“I definitely have a good relationship with coach Kiffin and coach Carroll,” he said. “It’s really cool that they have Monte Kiffin’s son on the staff, and that coach Carroll is such a good friend of his.
“They just called the other night. I feel like there is a good chance for me to get in there and get into the action.”