Camping trips for Martinez

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Tampa (Fla.) Catholic sophomore offensive guard Corey Martinez camped at Florida State for the second consecutive year on Wednesday.
"It is nice," Martinez said of FSU. "I learned something here last year and I could bring it out here this year. I think Coach (Rick) Trickett was happy with my performance and that I remembered what he taught me last year. It was good to come out here and perform. He likes what he sees."
The 6-foot-4, 296-pound says he utilizes the camp visits to fine-tune his technique as well as get a chance to check out the inner workings of the college.

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"It is about both," Martinez said. "It is about learning fundamentals, because those are most important. If you don't have those down, you aren't going to have the game down. I like to come out here and go through it all again so I can get my fundamentals down. Then going around the school and seeing the school is good."
His visit to Florida State marked the second time he has hit the road so far this summer.
"I went to Florida last week," Martinez said. "I got a tour of the school and got a chance to sit with Coach (Will) Muschamp and speak with him in his office, along with the other coaching staff. I had a good time there."
Kentucky and South Florida have already offered Martinez. He believes the Seminoles and Gators are both considering it.
"There is good potential," Martinez said. "Both schools like me a lot. I have been hearing a good amount from both schools. They both like me a lot."
He isn't done with his summer tour as he plans to see at least two more in-state schools.
"Next Saturday I am going down to Miami," Martinez said. "In July, I don't know what date, but I will be visiting USF."
Martinez, who claims no leader, shared no timeline for a decision.