Campenni has had a busy summer

Five schools have offered scholarships to Exeter (Pa.) Wyoming Area defensive tackle Julian Campenni.
While Campenni, a 6-foot, 260-pound lineman, is happy with those offers he already has he doesn't appear to be in any hurry, which is usually a sign that a prospect is hoping for even more offers. That's exactly the case with Campenni.
"I've been to my camps this summer," he explained on Thursday. "I just finished my last camp about a week ago.
"In all I went to Cincinnati, Boston College, Rutgers, Syracuse, Penn State and Temple. They coaches were all very interested.
"The only thing they were a little iffy about was my height. Every coach seemed to like me. I'm just waiting to hear more from some of them. A lot of the schools want to see some senior tape (before they offer)."
Indiana, Buffalo, Bowling Green, Central Michigan and Kent State are the five schools that have offered Campenni, apparently impressed enough with his ability and production that they aren't worried about his lack of height.
Though Campenni is seriously considering all of those schools he will be taking more visits and waiting for more offers before he makes a decision.
"I've already been to Bowling Green and Buffalo," he pointed out. "In July I want to go to Central Michigan and Indiana, too.
"I'm going to visit some schools before I make a decision. Once I go out and see some schools then I'll have more of a clear cut favorite."
Last fall Campenni recorded 85 tackles, 35 tackles for loss and 11 sacks.