Campbell looks for another championship

Four-star offensive tackle Bruce Campbell and 10-0 Hyde Leadership are awaiting a challenger in the state semifinals after a solid 28-12 victory over North Branford last week. The 6-foot-7, 272-pounder is confident in his team as they pursue another state championship.
"Our team is doing great," he said. "We're playing like a team and now we know what we really want and that is important. I've also been playing great averaging about seven or eight tackles a game and racking up two sacks."
Back in September Campbell took his first official to Nebraska, since then he's made plans to take trips to Maryland, Michigan State and Virginia, but hasn't officially scheduled them yet.
"I plan to have all of them set up real soon in the next week or so," he said. "I'm looking to take them in December and January."
The Rivals250 prospect affirmed that he will not be taking a fifth official visit anywhere.
What stands out about these schools that makes Campbell want to take visits?
"I just like them all and want to see what they're like and I hope I enjoy it," he said. "I've liked all of these schools for a while and they all have very good academics too."