Cameron Colvin chat transcript

Moderator: Welcome to the first U.S. Army All-American Bowl player chat live and direct from San Antonio. Our first guest is the nation’s No. 2 receiver Cameron Colvin. Cameron has been tearing it up through practices the first two days, so it’s no surprise that teams like Michigan, Florida State, Miami, Oregon and USC are battling for his commitment.
This is a moderated chat. I will be typing in the answers for Cameron, and anybody that uses foul language or attempts to say negative things about other teams, their players, their recruits will be booted from the room.
Without further ado, the line is open for questions for Colvin.

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Wickedwolverine: Cameron, does the fact Michigan has the best combo of Academics and Athletics in the country give Michigan an edge over the other teams on your list? Go Blue
Cameron Colvin: Wicked: I think that does give Michigan an advantage. That's what school is about - academics first. You're student athlete, not a athlete student. I learned that the hard way.
Bluemonster: Are you afraid of going far away from home?
Cameron Colvin: Distance doesn't really matter. If the school fits, and I'm comfortable there that's all that matters.
Sanjotrojan: Cameron, I've read that you've talked about redshirting before. Is this something you're settled on doing or just something you'd consider?
Cameron Colvin: Trojan: I'd like to red shirt, for the simple fact that I can get acclimated to school and just learn the program and play book
Troyannenberg: How are you enjoying your time in San Antonio?
Cameron Colvin: It’s a great visit. It’s a great place and I like it. I like the guys and all the competition.
Wickedwolverine: Cameron, how good is Chad Henne (have you had a chance to watch him yet)?
Cameron Colvin: Wicked: Chad's on the other team, but he's a great guy and I've talked to him a couple times and he's mentioned blue to me.
Lexiegoblue: Cameron, has Gutz been in your ear to have you join him in A2?
Cameron Colvin: Gutz has talked to me about how good of a school Michigan is, but we've also talked about how each school has its own effect and strengths on each person.
Domerbg4: How about a better question like what team he uses when he plays Madden?
Cameron Colvin: I play NCAA 2004
Troyannenberg: Who have you bonded with the most these past couple of days?
Cameron Colvin: I'd say Early Doucet. We just both top two receivers in the nation right now, this is probably our only chance to play together. We've clicked and became good friends.
Delawarenole: Cameron how was your season this year?
Cameron Colvin: Considering I missed the first five games, I ended up with 34 catches for 600 yards and nine touchdowns and one KOR for a touchdown. It was decent.
Wickedwolverine: Cameron, any idea when you'll be making your decision to a certain school?
Cameron Colvin: Most likely signing day. I still have four trips to take.
Uscitadel: Cameron: Give us your prediction, what will be the final score of the Rose Bowl??
Cameron Colvin: No comment on the Rose Bowl. I just want to see the ball thrown.
Rooga: Cameron, anyone you've practiced with so far this week that has amazed you?
Cameron Colvin: Adrian Peterson. He’s big fast and quick. That’s the kind of guy you look to have on your team on the next level to carry the load.
Rastaosh: Hello Cam, nice to chat with you. Are you considering the Seminoles of Florida State?
Cameron Colvin: Florida State is going to get a visit. They’re not out of it, but… I’m still open.
Domerbg4: Cam – favorite food?
Cameron Colvin: My favorite food is lasagna.
Troyannenberg: What are you leaning towards in terms of a major Cameron?
Cameron Colvin: Business management is my planned major.
Ellobo: Cameron, how much recruiting are the verbals doing behing the scenes at the Army game
Cameron Colvin: There is a couple of guys from SC, Michigan and Miami recruiting us. It’s a lot more than you think.
Troyannenberg: Cameron: DLS players thrive on competition. Does the talent level already at USC actually intrigue you to play there more?
Cameron Colvin: The competition, I’m not going to USC as of right now. I love to compete, that’s why I chose to come to this game. I’m not going to shy away from competition. Hard to answer that because I’ve not committed yet.
Dls26: Cam, who’s been your mentor through these tough times
Cameron Colvin: My Godfather, Jay Lightner. He’s a big help, just stepped in and took on that father figure. I don’t think I would have my head on straight through the hard times without him. We have a lot in common. He’s also lost mother and father and we’ve bonded through hard times.
Wickedwolverine: Cameron, did you get a chance to meet Morgan Trent at the Nike Camp? If so, what is your impression of him?
Cameron Colvin: Morgan: He’s a cool guy. He told me to go to Michigan when we first met. He’s a cool kid.
Ultragoblue: How is your academics status?
Cameron Colvin: I got my SAT score back. I got an 860. I needed 840. So if I just finish out school with all Bs then I should be fine – no problem at all.
Brymichig CAMERON; did you realize how big recruiting was before you entered the process
Cameron Colvin: I didn't really know it was this big. I didn't know how hectic it was going to be. I didn't think I would get all of this after all my hard work.
Wickedwolverine Cameron, do you read the Michigan, USC, Miami board on rivals.com?
Cameron Colvin: I get on the Internet a little bit. It's kind of cool, but it could be a big distraction.
Noleville: Cam, how does it feel to play on a HS team that hasn't lost a game in 10 years? Is it a ton of pressure every week??
Cameron Colvin: No, there isn't pressure. We just go out and play football. We're just kids. We go out and play every weekend. It's cool and what every high school kid dreams about.
Brnole1 Cameron do you like cold weather?
Cameron Colvin: The weather… (pause). I can get used to it. I’m not a big fan of it, but I can get used to it. ;-)
Delawarenole: I have heard your HS coach is a great coach and good guy?
Cameron Colvin: Coach is a great leader. I mean I wouldn't have rather been coached by anybody eles on the high school level. He's more of a teacher. When you say lead by example, that's what he really does.
Mattpargoff: Cameron, are you planning to bring you video camera on all of your official visits? And have you gone back and watcheed the video from that first visit?
Cameron Colvin: I'll take a video camera, yes
Cameron Colvin: Thanks for having interest in me. You all seem to be cool people, hopefully you'll look forward to signing day as much as I do. Thanks for coming by the chat. I'm going to study my playbook and going to sleep. Thanks again.