Calls keep coming for Ohio TE

Hudson (Ohio) Western Reserve Academy two-star tight end Brendan Mitchell is waiting for his first game of the season and after weeks of preparation it's finally here. But before the first game against the Columbus Crusaders, the 6-foot-3, 210-pounder made his presence felt in a scrimmage.
"We had a three-way scrimmage, and it started off really well for me," Mitchell said.
"I scored on the first play of the scrimmage. It was a 65-yard post on a play-action pass. The line set up a real nice pocket, and I ran a good route against cover one. All I had to do was just beat the man one-on-one. I did that and it ended up being a big play."
That big-play ability is what has attracted college coaches from the Midwest to Mitchell's door. So far in September he's heard from coaches at Wisconsin, Bowling Green, Indiana, Iowa and Northwestern.
"Actually the coach at Wisconsin called the house, and I missed him," Mitchell said. "I had good talks with Bowling Green and Indiana. Iowa and Northwestern just called (Sunday), Iowa said it's closer to an offer and just wants to see film form this year.
"Northwestern just recently offered me on the first, so that was great."
Mitchell said he's had some good conversations with the coaches so far.
"Coach (Adam) Cushing from Northwestern is a great guy, and I really like talking to him and the whole staff," he said. "Indiana's coaches have also stood out. They're always sending me stuff. Coach (Eric) Johnson at Iowa is good, too, and coach (John) Bowers at Bowling Green is a nice guy."
Mitchell said he's more worried at this point about his season, compared to where he'll end up.
"If something perfect comes along, then I might take it, but I'm going to play it out and see how things go in my senior season," he said. "I have a lot of schools that I really like now."