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Call him Action Jackson

Lucas Jackson of West Monroe, La., is the top player on one of the top high school teams in the nation. So it's no wonder that he has an impressive list of scholarship offers.
"I've set up my first two visits," Jackson, who is 6-foot-1 and 220 pounds, said.
"I'm sort of set up for Notre Dame on Nov. 30 and Arkansas on Dec. 14. I'll probably have to re-work Notre Dame because we should still be in the playoffs."
Jackson said West Virginia, Mississippi State, Alabama and LSU are the other candidates for visits. He might not take a trip to Baton Rouge because he's been down there a "thousand times," but the Tigers are still going to be considered.
But all of those teams at this point are chasing Notre Dame.
The Irish lead because Jackson said he likes their combination of academics and tradition.
"Tradition is big here at West Monroe," he said. "So that's always something that I think about and like about Notre Dame."