California Linebacker gets first four offers

Vacaville, California linebacker Thomas Williams has received his first scholarship offers. "Yeah, I have four offers now," the 6-foot-3, 225-pound Williams said. "USC offered me three days after the May calling period began and UCLA offered two days after that. Oregon State offered me in mid-May and Nebraska offered two weeks ago.
"Also, everyone in the PAC 10 is trying to make me say that they're my #1 team and then they said they would offer me."
Williams was asked if he had a list of favorites at this time.
"No, not really. I'm still wide open. My parents want me to go where I'll get the most out of my experience in college in my football playing time and academics."
Williams gave his thoughts on all of the schools who have offered him (in no particular order):
USC - "I like how they have a good history of developing linebackers. Pete Carroll has been in the NFL before and he knows what it takes to get there. I like their linebacker coach Nick Holt. All of their coaches have shown that they care about me as a person."
UCLA - "I like the weather. It's known for its medical school and that is what I'm going to major in."
Nebraska - "They have great tradition all around. I like how the city of Lincoln stops when the Cornhuskers play. I like how the entire state supports the team."
Oregon State - "It's a different atmosphere for me. I have not been in that type of weather before. I was kind of shocked when they offered me because they didn't come by my school. I don't know how they found out about me."
He also mentioned that, "Some other schools like Oregon are up there on my list too even though they haven't offered me yet."
Williams has talked to the coaches of most of the schools who are interested in him. "I've talked to all four who have offered plus everyone in the PAC 10, Notre Dame, Michigan, LSU, both Utah schools and Fresno State, off the top of my head.
"The coaches were kind of all the same. A couple did stick out a little bit though. When Pete Carroll talked to me he was worried about how the recruiting process was treating my mom. He wanted to get to know me and my family and not just talk about recruiting. Arizona Coach Marty Long, who's their defensive line coach, was real nice too. He was wondering how everything is with me and my family and not just football."
He has also been visited at school by all the colleges who have called him.
Distance will be no factor in Williams decision. He said that his priorities on his college choice are, "I'm looking for a position coach and head coach who have a good personality. So that they're not just a coach but like a friend or older brother to me. I'd prefer that the weather all year to be warm, like LA or San Diego, but I also like Oregon-type weather too."
Williams has definite and tentative summer camp plans at this time. "I'm going to the UNLV team this week. I might go to Oregon's camp right after that and possibly to a part of Cal's camp too."
He unofficially might visit some schools this summer too. "Yeah, I'm going to go see Fresno State, UCLA and USC. I'm also thinking of going to see San Diego State and Nebraska."
Williams isn't sure about when he plans to make a final decision. "I'll know when the time is right. I will feel it. It could be next week or after the season is through. It could be any time. I'll know when I feel comfortable with making the decision."