California LB knows of two trips

Talk about having a high long distance bill. San Diego Mission Bay linebacker Scott White has spent more time on the phone this week that he has spent with his family and friends.
"It doesn't seem to end," he said.
"I was gone all day on Sunday, but I have already talked to Penn State, Washington, Oklahoma, Colorado, Colorado State, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State and UCLA. Those are the ones that I can remember."
The 6-foot-3, 230-pound four-star inside linebacker said he knows two schools will get a visit for sure at this point - Washington and Oklahoma.
"After that, it's up in the air," he said.
"But I do talk to the coaches and hopefully get a better feel of where they stand in my eyes and vise versa. I like talking to them. I ask them about their plans and what they have in mind."