Cali DT has good visit to Boulder

Poway, Calif. defensive tackle Nick Wood took his third official visit of the recruiting season this weekend by heading to Colorado. The 6-foot-2, 272-pounder had a good visit to Boulder.
"The trip was awesome despite the loss," he said. "I got a good feel for the atmosphere around there and was very comfortable. I met with everyone there.
"I got to Boulder around nine on Friday night. On Saturday, I woke up and had breakfast with the team and then did all the pregame stuff. I rode on a bus to the game, went inside the locker room, watched the buffalo run out and then watched the game. At halftime, I had lunch and met with some professors and the athletic director. After the game, I took a quick tour of some buildings and then went out with my host, Brandon Nicolas at night. He was pretty cool. He showed me Boulder and what the students do. He stressed to me the family environment there too."
On Sunday, Wood was able to meet up with most of the coaches.
"I woke up and had breakfast and met with coach Bandison, Brown and others. Then I talked to the trainer and went to the weight room," he said. "Before I left, I headed over to coach Hawkins house and got a good feeling from his family.
"He's a really nice guy and I could tell he wants to win. He discussed with me how I'll have a chance to play early because they only have eight defensive linemen."
While on the trip, the three-star prospect took in the thrilling triple overtime game between the Buffaloes and Baylor.
"They fought their hearts out, but just didn't finish when they could have," he said. "I really liked the defensive scheme I saw out there. They do a lot of blitzing and that really opens some things up.
"As for the atmosphere, it was great. Boulder is a really good college town and Denver is only 20 minutes away. They have a very loud stadium and even though they lost, you could tell the fans care about the team."
The visit was a pretty good one for Wood.
"I'm thinking it's around a nine something," he said. "I liked everything about it. They have a lot to offer and are a great school that will be back to their winning ways."
Wood has not scheduled any other visits at this time.
"I am probably going to go to Washington and then I'm not exactly sure who the last one will be."