Cali DB focusing on five

Santa Monica (Calif.) defensive back Cameron Collins compares his two visits to the Oregon schools and also talks about the schools that make up his final three official trips.
Collins, 6-2, 200 pounds is a big time safety prospect and one of the top players at his position in the entire West region. He missed several games this season due to a broken hand but is coming off a 17 tackle game this past weekend and looks to be fully recovered.
"We're 3-3 right now and our season hasn't gone exactly the way I had hoped," Collins said. "We still have a chance to make CIF and that's really where our focus is right now. I've been happy with how I've played the last two weeks since I've been back and it was exciting for me to be a part of so many tackles last week.

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"I play safety but they move me around a lot. There are times when I'm playing more like a linebacker and other times when they'll actually put me on the line of scrimmage. Safety is probably my best college position but some schools like me for receiver too. Basically, I'll play whatever gets me on the field the fastest."
Collins took official visits to Oregon and Oregon State and said he would give both visits an 8 on a 1-10 scale.
"I liked them both equally well even though they were totally different," Collins said. "What stands out about Oregon is just the game atmosphere. I was there for the Oklahoma game and as most know, that had one of the craziest endings ever for a game. I'll never forget the crowd and how crazy everyone was. Plus the football facilities and locker room were incredible there as well.
"With Oregon State, I really appreciated the family atmosphere there. Everyone from the players to the coaches to the faculty were all so down to earth. I was so comfortable there and I liked how they emphasized the academic side of things on my trip because that is really important to me.
"I haven't set up my last three visits yet but the schools I'm going to visit will be Stanford, Boise State and Villanova. At Stanford, obviously the academics speak for themselves. The academics are second to none at Stanford and a degree from there would set you up for life. I still havent' finished the application but I'm getting close.
"With Boise State, everyone I've talked with has nothing but great things to say about the place. I like the coaches and they have a winning program. Villanova is the only East Coast school that I have an offer from and I'm intrigued by what the school is like and what life in general is like in that part of the country.
"My plan is to take all five of my trips but I definitely could commit early if I'm blown away by one of the schools and it just feels like the right thing to do. I would like to take all five but it's still up in the air when I'll take them. Stanford, Boise State and Villanova all like to have players visit after the season, I would personally love to take them during the season but we'll get everything set soon enough."