Cali athlete lands offer No.1

Garrett Steele (6-1, 205, 4.52) from Kingsburg, Calif., is opening up eyes with his athleticism. He stared the season starting both ways as a running back and safety, but because of an injury, Steele has been moved to quarterback and he has been tearing it up.
Steele has led Kingsburg to a perfect 4-0 record helping extend his school's winning streak to 17. In those four games, Steele has rushed for 645 yards and eight rushing touchdowns. He has passed for 692 yards and has six touchdowns.
"Garrett has really stepped up his role as leader of the team," Kingsburg coach Dave Steele said. "He's really a running back, but we had to put him at quarterback and he has taken that mantle and is doing whatever it takes to help our team win."
"Right now he has 1,337 yards of offense in four games," Steele said, who is also the uncle of this star athlete. "He has touchdown runs of 66, 62 and 52 yards so he's very explosive and he's changed the dynamic of our offense for us.
"Garrett has a great ability to throw on the run, but he really trained hard this offseason to play running back," Steele said. "He went to all the combines and to about seven different team camps to work on his running backs skills.
"He was forced into playing quarterback and because we needed him there, he moved there without blinking," Steele said. "With Garrett, it's all about winning.
"Garrett also plays safety in addition to his quarterback responsibilities," Steele said. "He has about 20 tackles and we give him a breather now and then on defense because of everything else we are asking him to do. He doesn't have an interception because they don't throw in his area."
On the recruiting trail, Steele picked up his first offer from Sac State (Cal State-Sacramento) and he is getting serious looks from Utah State, San Jose State, and UNLV.
Oregon State has picked up their interest in Steele of late while Utah and Arizona are also looking. UCLA was looking and they still have their eye on him somewhat, but the Bruins have precious few scholies to offer this year.