Caldwell honest with Miami

Could Andre Caldwell of Tampa Jefferson be the next weapon in the Miami passing arsenal? Maybe and maybe not, but the nation’s No. 1 receiver did admit that his visit to Miami was very productive.
“I would call it a productive visit,” Caldwell, a five-star selection, said. “I kind of approached it a little bit like a fun business trip. I got to see and do a lot of fun things and hang out with the players, but it was also serious for me to go down there and check out all of the football aspects, too.”
This included having a long talk with Miami coach Larry Coker.
“That’s something that was kind of neat for me,” he said. “He was spending time just talking to me and listening to my thoughts, concerns and what I did like about my visit.”
And at one point, Coker apparently asked Caldwell where he stood with his decision. And he told him the same thing he’s been telling for some time now.
“I still have two more trips to take,” he said. “That’s what I mainly told him. I told him that I’m not leaning anywhere big yet, and that I need to see what LSU and Florida State have. But I told him that Miami is going to definitely be a big factor in my decision.”
A decision that might not come all the way until signing day.
“I guess it could drag out that long,” he said. “If that’s what happens, then that’s what happens.”