Cal offer would be big for Wynn

Dylan Wynn did not work out Sunday at the Cal All-American Showcase because he had to leave early to catch a flight to Nebraska but the Concord (Calif.) De La Salle defensive end plans to be back in Berkeley this summer to work out and hopefully pick up an offer.
An offer from the Golden Bears could be a game-changer for Wynn, a nasty 6-foot-3, 234-pound prospect who could also play linebacker. He won the defensive line MVP award at the recent Palo Alto NIKE Camp and already has an impressive list of offers.
One from Cal would be huge.
"It's very serious and they're definitely thinking about the offer and coming in but I need to come out, it's definitely something they go through and stuff, they want me to come out and they have to see me hit and move around especially if I'm going to play that hybrid linebacker position," Wynn said.
"This would definitely put some weight on some stuff. It would be a pretty nice offer and so it's definitely one I'm fighting for."
Cal stands out for many reasons, Wynn said, but mainly because it's closer to home, there are connections back to his high school (including defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi being a De La Salle grad) and he's enamored with the campus and stadium. A lot of things fit the right way for Wynn and Cal so an offer would be something to seriously consider.
"It's nice here," Wynn said. "It's California. You're not going to find another stadium like this, it's amazing, plus I have people that come from my school here including coach Lupoi so the connections are really nice. Plus, it has great academics."
Wynn, who finished with 82 tackles and 10 sacks last season and 103 tackles and 13 sacks in his sophomore year, is at Nebraska for a one-day camp and then he will visit Oklahoma State as well.
"I'm pretty sure I'm working out at d-end," Wynn said of his Nebraska and Oklahoma State stops. "It all depends. I'm going to go there and they're going to say, 'Play linebacker, play d-end,' which will be interesting and fun. I'm fully confident on both positions."
So far, Wynn has offers from Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Washington State, San Diego State, Ohio and Cal Poly. Many other Pac-10 and Big 12 schools are showing interest. The rest of his summer is not scheduled at this point except for a definite stop at Cal's camp.
"I'm building as I'm going so depending on how certain things go I'll be building my other schedules," he said.