Cadogan setting officials

The last time Sherard Cadogan spoke with Rivals.com he said three schools were at the top of his list.
Cadogan's list has since grown to five and he's starting to make plans for official visits. Where will the 6-foot-3, 227-pound jumbo athlete be going, and what schools are at the top of his list?
"Last week coaches started calling me," Cadogan said. "I got a lot of phone calls. I'm starting to get my list down to five schools so now I'm thinking about officials."

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In his last interview Cadogan said Michigan State, Pitt and Wisconsin were his favorites. While each of those three schools is still in the hunt, two others are also in the mix.
"It's between Michigan State, Wisconsin, Pitt, South Carolina and West Virginia," he explained. "Location isn't going to be a factor. Basically, that doesn't matter to me.
"Right now I know that my official to Wisconsin is for the weekend of September 25. That's our bye week. I think I'm going to West Virginia that first week in October for their Thursday night game."
Wisconsin will be playing host to Michigan State on the weekend Cadogan is in town, while he will have a chance to see West Virginia take on Colorado on October 1.
"I'm just calling all the coaches right now and telling them I'm going to be taking officials. I'll decide when I'll go to the others soon."
Cadogan said Michigan State and Wisconsin want to give him a look at tight end or H-Back, while the other schools on his list like him as a defensive end or a linebacker.